Coffee I miss you!

4 days ago I started the Ultimate Reset by Beachbody. I had to say good bye to coffee for 21 days and then very slowly work it back in. Instead of coffee I have been drinking herbal and green tea or and my chocolate mint tea. It has helped some, but I do love my coffee.

Why do I love my coffee? Well I drink the best. New Mexico Pinon coffee the Biscachitto flavor. It smells divine.I could cheat and have a cup here or there but I’m trying super hard to follow the plan. I have a goal and a problem.

I am a HUGE emotional eater. The first winter break my baby was gone with my ex i spent every night on the couch with a carton of ice cream. This past winter break, I suffered the same fate. Nothing worse than your love coming home and say “Mom where is the (blah blah blah) that we bought.” and then having to look at him and respond “well mommy ate it.” 😦

My goal is to complete this 21 days and then focus more on my nutrition going forward. I’ve been feeling more comfortable in my skin, but if I really want to qualify for Boston I have to be faster. Like several hours faster.

So far the recipes are good, my biggest problem is eating the salads in a decent amount of time during my lunch time.



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