I was going to blog yesterday but I got tired and went to bed. Yesterday was a mixed emotion day. It was the anniversary of my cousin’s death. 13 years ago she was taken due to a car accident during bad weather. She was a freshman in collage and of course using that invincible thought process if school is canceled due to the weather than lets go skiing.

She was such a wonderful person. My mom told me when she first had passed that most of the grief books talk about how the parents worry that a young life will be forgotten by those outside of the family. So I make sure to post on FB every year about my cousin and memories I have. I even created my own hashtag #remEMber so that I can tag posts for her birthday etc.

I also spend a lot of time buying Flamingo things to send to my aunt. When Emily died, the next morning the neighbor stuck a flamingo in my aunt and uncle’s front yard so that they would a least have one smile for the day. After all if an unexpected flamingo shows up in your yard despite the horrible news you received the night before, wouldn’t you smile?


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