And tears become a waterfall

Today is another emotional day. I’m on an Ultimate Reset and so basically I’m re-aligning my body so that I can make a change in my emotional eating. It is such an issue that I dream of brownies and that I go to bed so that I won’t eat the food my son has asked for to put in his lunches.

I am tearful because I wish for a better apartment, one where the management cares about its residents, one that communicates what is going on regarding repairs. I feel that my rent covers more to line pockets than to provide decent housing.

I am tearful because my educational ideals do not match those of the district I live in. All my points seem to fall on deaf ears. They say one person can make a difference but then again today I wonder if that is true or just something put on a poster to make people feel hopeful.

I am tearful because I want meat. I am not of the strong conviction to remain a vegan eater. The smell of meat was overwhelming this week.

I am tearful as my crush responded to my FB post and I love him so. Valentine’s Day is come and my lonely soul dreads the day and the thought of if to tell him my feelings or not.


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