Change is Hard


For 2 weeks I have embarked on the Ultimate Reset. It has been very difficult. Totally new way of eating for me. Week 1 we eliminated animal products and dairy. Then Week 2 we decreased grains. Now for Week 3 we will be on fruits and veggies. Then begins the post reset. For 3-4 weeks you slowly add things back starting with grains.

I have gotten very angry at food lately. And resisting things has been hard some days and easy others. Especially with my little man. He in not keen on trying new things. So he has his food and I have mine. We are very much alike and I know I cannot force him into eating the way I do. I want it to be his choice. However, I do try to guide him like last night he wanted a donut. I asked if he had a fruit with dinner. He said no, and I said you should pick a fruit before another carb. He ate a banana and never did have that donut.

I’m down 12 lbs. Some would call that a huge fast weight loss, but I’ve learned if I fuel my body properly, it just looses what it doesn’t need. Before the reset I could loose 5 lb just by controlling portions and eating whole food. Autumn’s quote that I created into a wall hanging in my kitchen is right. I’ve barely been working out. Yoga at the most. Now to get back to changing.


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