Corpse Pose – Letting Go

While doing this Ultimate Reset, I took on working on my yoga practice as well. Granted it took TWO weeks to do the first week but I got it done. So far I’m only two days behind on Week 2.

Today in the stretching practice, we did corpse pose or savasana. While in the pose our guided breathing was about letting go. Exhaling the negativity so there is room for the positive aspects of life.  When I first took a yoga class I thought the pose was just about trying to quiet your mind and go to sleep.

With this new guidance, I started to think about my fears, what do I need to let go of and make way for self improvements. So I thought I should share those fears.

  • buying a new to me car -mine is 12 years old, over 223,000 miles, and the check engine light is enjoying coming on, last car I bought my ex did all the research aspect, this will be the first time doing this on my own, and I am SCARED.
  • emotional eating – will I be able to avoid falling back into bad habits post doing this disciplined reset? Will I have to look at my child and say “Oh those Girl Scout cookies, yeah I ate those. Sorry?”
  • financial security  – how can I help make us more secure in our money and not always living paycheck to paycheck and using the credit card? How can I teach my child money sense when I seem to be lacking in “good” money sense
  • being alone the rest of my life – in therapy I informed my therapist that I still feel broken, there is a hole still in my heart. She wondered why I chose broken as my adjective. My response “because I am. There is a hole where there wasn’t on before. If you break a coffee mug and glue it back together but you forget a piece it still won’t hold coffee.” I guess I’m afraid my heart won’t hold romantic love anymore since that is the missing piece. My therapist thinks I need a different word than “broken.”

Feel free to share your fears, or if you have a different word other than broken that will work, I’m open to suggestions.


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