Surprised but Not

Months ago my parents wrote down a list of dates that they were going to be gone to Fl. My father wanted to attend a convention there. Then while if FL they were going to visit a cousin. Then on Monday I get pictures from Universal Studios and then Tuesday pictures from Disney World.

I had no idea they were planning on going to go to the theme parks! I texted my sister thinking she must not have know either. But she did. When I actually called my mom in shock over this, her excuse was well you sister just calls me to talk. I’m sorry we didn’t let you know.

REALLY? THAT IS YOUR RESPONSE? Every Monday we sit down to a family dinner and yet you never bothered to talk more about your upcoming vacation plans. Instead you kept badgering me about remembering that you would not be able to pick up my son and that I needed to remember to pick you up from the airport upon your return.

Ah well, I’m sure my therapist will appreciate the extra material to cover in session. Perhaps all my issues don’t stem from my failed marriage but the failure opened to door for all the flaws in my life.

Side note: My preschool class is just as shocked as me that my parents went to Disney without me. Their parents would NEVER do that. 🙂


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