FB the double edged sword

I am always amazed how the intent of what I am looking for on FB gets turned into arguments. All I wanted was to survey my vast FB world for authors of color so that I could improve the equity of author studies in my classroom. Currently all our authors are white. Again not a bad thing, but not a diverse representation.

However, I got a few responses and then one of my friends who must be correct, started to argue that the content is what matters and not the author. But then again it is an author study so that is the content and if I focus on diversifying then I am not providing equity because I am biased upon the types of authors I’m choosing.

Granted this is not a critical need in my classroom at this moment because our class right now is not diverse in terms of race. It is just due to the current enrollment but we are looking at better diversifying the classes by race therefore I would like to be mindful of it now.

A few weeks ago I asked about what cars to not get (my current car is approaching death) and all i got was cars to get. Sigh.


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