So Many Questions!

Last night driving home, I kept thinking of my crush. I can’t call him, his phone is acting up still. I can’t text him. The only think is to talk to him in person if I see him or email him at his work (and that just seems silly if it is not more of an important work nature).

The phrase “actions speak louder than words” kept ringing in my head. I thought that a lot when trying to save my marriage (that went so well). Perhaps that is why I have so much trouble with relationships. I get stuck wanting what doesn’t desire me.

Why do I not value myself?

Why do I obsess over being loved by one who clearly finds other things more important than me?

Do I have self worth?

How do I improve my opinion of myself?

Is there still anger towards my ex?

Have I unpacked the easy baggage but refuse to unpack the harder stuff?

HELP! What do I do?

Will it always be cloudy in my world?


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