Alone – my fault or the world

Last night I felt alone so alone. I sat in the recliner, at the limited crap in my house including 2 snickers my little man had hidden (although i did avoid eating the other 6 in the house)

now i am awake after a long night of sleep and trying to get back in to my grove. I spent 21 days on that reset and i had incredible willpower. I need to apply that again….i can survive with the right foods and I’m realizing that with more processed foods that I am more gassy and not with the energy i need.

the struggle is real and I’m beginning to think i have have lost my support system. I have battled my anxiety for so long and nothing seems to be changing. I think the hardest part is the rejection I often feel from my parents. Which then i feel so guilty about because they are loving people but they have no idea how much they hurt me by not really understanding my issues.


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