Working Poor

It takes a lot to make ends meat in my home. We had to move out due to living with my parents after 3/4 years….well we were slowly dying…..all of us with the exception of my little man…I think.

So we moved out despite not having enough to live at the same school as my son started kindergarten and really close to work at the time. But now we are still struggling….and it is my fault.

We have one income and the possibility of a second…..but my anxiety lately has been getting in the way of the second income being helpful.

And I have to claim every little deduction on my taxes so that I can come out with a refund….and due to my upbringing along with my fear of IRS auditing, I am still in my pj’s searching thru unfilled papers to ensure that I have all receipts needed before I claim things.

This frustrates me to no end. Why do I have to do all this crazy work for the IRS to say “oh poor woman, you work your ass off and you barely make anything and you can’t qualify for government assistance because you previously married a moron and get child support, so here, have some money to help with all that debt you go into so that you don’t go crazy, oh wait you already are.”?

seriously the system in wack.


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