Is there still anger towards my ex?

Ten years ago one person took my heart and broke it, stomped on it, and stabbed a knife into it with out care.

For 10 years I have been trying to put it back together. But like the trust example I did with my son, it is not complete. In our trust example that we did after I caught him lying to me several times, we took a coffee mug and smashed it. Then we glued it back together. But it was still missing some tiny pieces. It couldn’t hold water any more.

I would have to be honest and say I still have anger towards my ex but I try damn hard to not let him see it. When I feel my lowest I get mad that he stole my life. He re-married. He had more kids. He makes more money.

I’m pussyfooting around my answer tying to be “positive” or
“productive”. How will that help?

Yes I am still angry. He has MY LIFE. The one I wanted. He has a spouse, he has more than one child, he has a double income, he has newer cars, he decided if he is supporting our child or not. I am still ANGRY.Perhaps that is what holds me back.



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