The Sun Comes Out

I mostly write about my cloudy days. But recently I’ve been sharing this blog with a few people to set up a safety net so that if the clouds are too dark then hopefully I’ll get called out.

I know there are many people who don’t understand anxiety/depression and how if impacts people. When  I talk about it, people get confused on how I can suffer when they see the “fake it till you make” or the actually sun shining moments.

Honestly working 10 hour days is a saving grace. I LOVE my job. I was meant to be a preschool teacher. The calmness, the love, and the creativity I have at school keeps my sun shinning 95% of the time. Granted there are days when my kids have thunderstorms brewing all day and I may get a little cloudy but thankfully I can recover when on my break or having to just step out to potty (yes sometimes you have to walk to the farthest potty at a leisurely pace).

Being a mom also helps. Although due to the timing of my ex crushing me and my pregnancy, I often think we have a stronger emotional connection so I can’t typically fake it. Hence why our weekends sometimes involve TV while I sort out things. However when my little man is gone….well the recliner may need to be replaced soon from overuse.

However, Thursday (my off day) was surprisingly good. The apartment had workers in and so TV was outta the question.


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