Do I have self worth?

I have definitely gone down the rabbit hole on this one. But I started blogging to work on breaking thru the clouds so that the sunny will shine in my paradise. So of course I googled images about self worth. And then I found way more than expected that spoke to me. So this may become a series of posts.

We are starting here to answer the obvious question, do I have self worth? And that would be a big fat NOPE. I have some self confidence when it comes to my teaching. I know I’m good at that and it is often reinforced daily by the love and affection I get from my students.

But as a mom I often question my abilities. Do I yell to much? Am I too hard on my kid? Am I able to provide for my child what he needs?

As a woman I often question my abilities to be loved. Am I pretty enough? Am I sexy enough? Can I trust someone to care for me? Can I express myself to someone tell them my needs or do I just serve their needs because I can’t be loved? Why would anyone want to love me? After all it was easy for my ex husband to go have sex with someone 45 min away just because I was having severe anxiety and depression after my grandmother passed away. Do I deserve to be loved? After all I suffer from anxiety/depression causing me to overreact or just crawl in a hole for days.

So with no self worth, where do we go from here?


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