A Quest for Self Worth

Google search turned up this image. The part that strikes a cord with me is the “for an insult to bother you, you have to agree with it.” I guess that is where we need to start for this self worth quest.

Things that have been said that have bothered me (not direct quotes but paraphrased)

  • My dad’s comments when I thought would be buying a car in a week like that his friends knew more than mine, I started a new job why don’t I have the money for a loan, did I consider the taxes to be paid and so my budget was unrealistic, a new car was out of the question
  • My mom’s comments that my sister calls “just to talk” so that is why she knew my parents were going to Disney. The constant reminders before they left to make sure I had care for my son.
  • A friend told me that I wasn’t a leader, that since I am not self independent that is why my parents seem to bother me so much.
  • The expense excuses my ex makes, like I am made of money and so I should pay for expenses rather than splitting them.
  • When the principal told me he could not even consider my ideas for improvement.
  • When the apartment complex tries to make it seem like things are my fault and I am being too demanding.
  • When my son compares gifts I get him to those from his father and like a child voices his displeasure.

Perhaps I need to make a list of what I value and what I want to be described as. Then support it with things I know I do to meet what I want to be?


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