So Different

Talking to my parents can be so challenging. We are so different. We see the same things sometimes and then respond so differently to the same situation.

The contractors came to look at my leak. Apparently they did not get the whole story when the apartment complex called them. So I filled them in on the ENTIRE timeline from November 2015 till now.

I call my parents to also update them and express yet again how annoying it is that this is the way the apartment complex communicates. My father just goes off on the same tangent about that is the way things are and no it is not perfect but it is the way if works. This then leads me to respond with just because this is how it works doesn’t mean it is right and how it should continue to be, but if we don’t challenge the status quo how will things change for the better?

It seems like I am the warrior in the family while my parents insist upon just accepting the game along with following the rules.


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