Taking a step forward

Now that we have managed to get back on the path and out of the wallows, we need to get the journey started again. That precious angel deserves unconditional love. To get it his mama needs to learn to love herself.

It appears that to do that I need to figure out my worth. So I suppose I should start with when I’m happy.

  • I am happy at work. I love being a teacher and connecting with my students.
  • I am happy with my little man. I enjoy being a mom, and doing mom things.
  • I am happy supporting my friends, whether I am visiting them, watching them perform, or being a dancing fool just to try and get others to enjoy the time out.
  • I am happy when I am spreading kindness, doing little things to make people smile. I love seeing people surprised and happy. My biggest rants often are around how people are treating other people and how the world seems to be ok with it or tolerating it.

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