F – NO!

My crush has fizzled. I’m done. I’ll stay friends because I still feel he is incredible. But as for worthy of my love…yeah that ship sailed tonight. He’s an unkind drunk. Not sure what happened. Not sure what lead to what. But I do know I gave an out days ago and said “if you want time just with your brother and his girlfriend let me know I’ll bow out” But i heard nothing. So I stayed. So I drank. And then things went wonky.

I think i understand why your one girlfriend broke up after you called her very intoxicated from Vegas. And yes I picked up on the hook me up with your friend, but no i don’t want to date right now contradicting statements. You don’t want to date me.

Ya know what that is ok. I no longer want to date you either. I want someone who can “man up” and just tell me the truth. I don’t want to have to figure out coded messages. I spent a marriage trying to figure that out. I spent a getting divorce and wondering if he was ever coming home.

I deserve honesty and I deserve someone who doesn’t make me feel like I’m back in high school being whispered about as I walk down the hallway. F no that is not being tolerated be me anymore. No time to deal with that crap. no time at all. friendship is fragile, but crush is snuffed out.


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