Faithful Thoughts for today 4/23/17

The sermon was about the blind beggar who called for mercy and how Jesus had the people who were telling him to be quiet go get him. Then Jesus asked how to serve the blind man and upon request he gave the man sight.

The pastor was talking about how Jesus taught kindness to those that were shunning the blind man for calling to him. He had those people bring the blind man to him letting them serve. It made me realize how quick I am to get anger with adults as if they should know better rather than staying calm and teaching them how I want to /deserve to be treated. In my post last night and on the phone with a friend, I was quick to say F- NO i will NOT be treated like that. I will NOT be bending over backwards to support him. F- NO I won’t put up with that. Today,  I feel as if I should take the road of kindness. I should treat the friendship as I want to be treated in a friendship, lead by example. Regardless of if it is returned, at least I have stayed true to who I am, what I value about myself, and how I show the world who I am.

The next point was how those who are lost often appear needy. They do not know what to ask for, what they need, they are just looking for someone to comfort and listen. Those are the people like the blind beggar who need to be brought to God.

At the beginning of the service, I kept praying for answers. Thought began swirling in my head and even on the drive home. “You’re not ready. He’s not ready. I’ll provide for you. Do not push your plan into mine. I will provide for you. You are not ready. You need to be enough. I will not let you fail again, you must wait or you will.”


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