He’s no longer a crush. But he is still a friend. And he is a MAN, therefore I am 100% certifiably confused. After all the craziness last weekend, I get a text thanking me for coming out and all my kindness over the past week. Then when I see him in person later in the week, the first thing he does is answer my question about if I can borrow socks for a race costume (which he said yes). After that he asks if I’m running the school 5K cause he’ll be there (Turns out I will since my x is letting my little man come with).\

Fast forward to his basketball team moving on in the NBA playoffs Thursday night and my genius idea to decorate his classroom with a poster and 18 balloons filled with change in them totaling $10 for his Relay for Life campaign to raise $7,000 and then he’ll sleep on the school roof. Did it get posted on his socials like other stuff has? NOPE Did he even text acknowledgement of the “prank”? NOPE

So confused I am. Then I wonder if I should see if my friend’s friend should run our “numbers” and see if we are a good match. But then I think that’s silly and 2 minutes later I’m considering getting back on online dating sites to just get my mind of being alone. It’s not like i don’t have other shit to do like pay bills, clean the house, food prep, etc. Adulting sucks.


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