Safe Keeper

i miss being little and curling up in mom’s lap after a spill on the bike or a bad dream. Or even better having grandma near by where a cookie made everything better.

I don’t have that anymore. I provide that at school. At school I’m the safe keeper. I have to keep it safe. I offer the hugs, the lap, the calm breathing, and the shoulder to cry on. But then I come home and as I unlock my door the weight of the world crashes onto my shoulders. And as of late, I’m not strong enough to hold it up and I crash with it. Typically into my recliner with a small pizza that yes I eat all of it or the 2 giant cookies I brought home to share and never told little man about and ate both behind my laptop screen while we watched Supergirl.

Yes I am completely clouded over. And the forecast is not seeing sunshine anytime soon.


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