I live to protect you, my flesh, my blood, my angel. I’ve tried before to end the pain. God got one thing right. He sent you. Someone who deserves protection. To learn how to love with all your heart. To learn how to suffer silently as the world keeps beating you down day after day.

I have to go on. To keep you from always being at your father’s. to protect you from the verbal and emotional abuse he gives out. You nailed it when you said he doesn’t come to anything important just birthdays. Cause then he can give a big gift.

But the courts are the devil. The summer days you are gone for weeks at a time; not one week but two are the hardest test to over come. The devil taunts me relentlessly every day and every night.

Tomorrow is my day off. I wish I could be at work to avoid being alone with the devil.


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