Th1rteen R3asons vs 13 Reasons

I read the book. I watched the Netflix series. I liked both.

At the beginning, I was focusing on how the Netflix series was so different than the book. But then I realized each has their own place. By the end, I could see why we need both in the world.

The book is my favorite. The duel narration was great. Everything happened in one night letting Clay process it as one big picture. Hannah’s narration was something I could relate to. She described my suffering perfectly. It is not just one thing, it is just many little things. Things that add up. Things that slowly take away from your soul. Things that as they add up make you feel empty and a shell of who you are. The book is helpful exposing mental illness in terms of it’s affects that are unseen. Anxiety and depression are not like a cold or a physical disability. It is hard to see how your words and actions can seem innocent at the time but have negative lasting effects. The butterfly effect or chaos theory is in play daily in our world.

The Netflix show is important because honestly today most people will watch something rather than pick up the book. The visuals in the show also allow people to see the feelings/reactions of the characters after hearing they are part of the problem not the solution. It also gives chance to expand upon the social issues in our schools that lead to suicides or school shootings. I think the timing of the show reflects that things are not better. Socially our society focuses not on each other but ourselves and what we are lacking in life (materialistic).

So that is what I think and why I am trying to eliminating my use of sarcasm in the preschool classroom. While my co-teachers my understand, the children will not and that is not ok if I want them to be caring and thoughtful about our classroom and the people in it.


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