About Me

I have been divorced for the entire life of my little man. The original prince charming in my life turned out to not value the same things I did when it came to our marriage vows. He left before we knew we were expecting and I (having a big mouth) told him on my birthday that I was expecting our first child. He was planning on telling me he was filing for divorce, but I opened my big mouth first.

Oops! Live and learn.

As I mentioned on the Welcome page, I battle anxiety. It can be very overcoming at times, mainly during the holiday season and summer when my little man is gone from me for longer extended periods of time. Weekends can be hit or miss as I may be productive and then I may not.

I enjoyed some time as a college student abroad and developed a love for tea time, British accents, and the Royals. Lately I’ve been enjoying “The Crown” on Netflix, “Victoria” on PBS, and have been told I need to watch “The Reign”.

I took a new teaching job last summer and have been developing my own personal style and getting away from the yoga pants and polo shirts to actual outfits. Been shopping a lot at LuLa Roe (leggings there are like being Ms Frizzle for teachers) and Hot Topic for my weekend style.