Lost and Trapped

I don’t know where I am. I go from being ok and feeling happy to curled up on the couch and wanting to order a pizza.

My life seems so overwhelming at so many times. I feel trapped.

Going on vacation but is my laundry done? Am I ready to pack my shit? Do I have my bills paid? The check engine light comes on right when the car needs to be inspected. The ex husband is continuing to be a dick and now we are headed to co parenting counseling, which I can’t afford but yet must go too.

I want to give my son summer camp and yet I can’t make theses decissions with out him and he ignores my messages about it.

Between a rock and hard place and I’m getting tired. So tired. I just want to sleep.


Out of Darkness

Where have I been? Spiraling in and out of the darkness. What seemed like changes in a new greater better direction, have become yet again another personal hell.

Why does it take so much mental power to change your mind? I go to therapy but there I just talk and then what comes from it, tears mostly. Nothing has changed. Nothing has improved. I still see the world a majority of time as the glass half empty. I keep trying to fill it and it keeps loosing liquid. There is a crack in the bottom of this glass I’m sure of it.

The angry I have so often is towards my ex husband and that is so hard to move past. Every month is it something thing stupid that enrages me mainly because he is always trying to look like the best parent but time and time again he is not taking care of our child in some way. What should appear to be obvious is of course blinded due to “justice” and the Family Court System.

Oh Family Court how I despise thee and your hoops. Not ONLY did you order me to appear in court with the person who ripped my heart in two on Valentine’s Day, but then you have requested my presence yet again ON MY BIRTHDAY! That is suppose to be MY DAY! A day where I GET TO DECIDE HOW I SPEND MY TIME. But nope I must be ordered to appear in case the judge takes the bench to give us a piece of her mind.

Stay Tuned I I really am thinking this is a needed activity in my life to let loose the thoughts clouding up my brain. Perhaps after enough time of emptying those clouds I can become more sunny than stormy.

Divorce sucks

All I want to do is live somewhere that doesn’t have mold and is a good school district for my son. Of course my son doesn’t want to switch schools. Honestly what kid does. So my ex is deciding if he will contest my move. Due to that reason. But he was able to move out of the county and not give me notice. Grrr life is not fair. Divorce makes it impossible to move on when your ex tries to block every move.

stop worrying

So to be helpful years ago, my dad gave me Dale Carnegie’s books How to Stop Worrying and Start Living and How to Win Friends and Influence People. I started reading the worry one first. That was during the time that my husband was in the process of leaving me and then I found out I was pregnant. Things that stuck in my mind was how he said to think of the worst think that can happen and then make a plan. Therefore you are ready when that worst thing happens, if it happens.

While mowing this past weekend, I was focused on that. You already know I have one reason to stay on earth. With the information from my son about his step brother threatening him and the same step brother stabbing his brother’s foot with a screwdriver; I’m very worried about my son being hurt and killed.

What would I do after he was gone? What if I can’t stay on earth? What if the pain is just too much? With two lawns to mow, I had plenty of time to think. A plan has been made, but no need to set it in motion. As Ian Flemming titles a 007 novel, Die Another Day. It is not today.



365 days ago

365 days ago I was jolted away by a phone call in the middle of the night. My friend, my supporter, had died in a car accident.

365 days later I still miss you. I still talk to you in my head. You are still the first person I want to call when life is trying to squash me. Lately I have wanted to call you a lot.

Time passes. Sometimes slowly. Other times fast. There are days that often seem to just slip by.

But no mater how much time passes, your smile will never be erased. You will continue to be in my memories. I hope you know how much your guidance and your support meant to me. On the days I feel totally lost I can almost feel you looking down telling me I got this. And on those days I typically see a Cardinal. It’s you, I’m sure of it.

A letter to a crush

Dear crush,

i’ll write this here because there is no point in telling you. Plus really this letter is for me not you. You have added more confusion and heartbreak in my life since 2017 started.

Things seemed like they were going in great directions. Then your birthday, and that ended my infatuation. then I tried the friend thing. I treated you like I treated everyone. That is how I friend. I’m thoughtful, I’m kind, I love and spoil my friends with all my heart. Ya know that whole “think of your fellow man, put a little love your heart and the world will be a better place.” That is what I desire from life a better place. One where I don’t feel like the thumb of the world is trying to squash me like a bug.

Aparently I’m alone in this ideal. You canceled the Muny. Something we have had in the works for months. That hurt me in my core as a person. It destroyed me for a few days. How could someone do that to a friend? How could someone not regularly respond to texts that ask questions? Never mind the fact that I gave you a two week reminder. You chose to wait till I gave you the week reminder. You chose to schedule a show. You did that. And by doing so you made me feel insignificant and worthless. Normally not a huge deal but as those who read this, they know I have a self worth problem. I have trouble self esteem.

So you hurt me more than you may ever know. Since reading thirteen reasons why, I really examine my interactions. Something that may be no big deal to me could be a reason for someone else. A reason to feel hollow, a reason to feel like they don’t belong in the world. So I try to be more conscious of my actions for that reason. I may not be perfect but perhaps I could save one person and make a difference in their life. Thanks for the pain and the hard knocks. I keep getting up but it is slower than it used to be.



Heavy Clouds

Lately things have gotten better. I had a med change. The best part of that is it got Hannah Baker’s voice from Jay Asher’s Thirteen Reasons Why out of my head. I started to workout more. I drank less and ate better.

And then more stress came. Just like a storm the clouds rolled into today. The tears started falling. All I feel like doing is napping.

Linkin Park’s “Heavy” (https://youtu.be/5dmQ3QWpy1Q) is like Thirteen Reasons Why; it speaks to me. How they are able to get inside my head and understand the pain. I don’t want to be crazy. Yes I make mountains out of mole hills. The panic has become the norm, it feels safer than the unknown. The world lately has seemed like it is out to get me. My ex withholds funds and argues with me. The apartment has mold and a leak that is not repaired even after 2 years. The divorce decree allows the ex to be how he wants.

I see all the posts on FB of people upset when someone has committed suicide and re-posts of hotlines. I understand that people are hurt. I am a caring person myself. I hear those who view suicide as a selfish choice. But as one who hangs on to ONE REASON to be a part of  a world that seems like it is consistently pushing me down, it is not. PLEASE understand if my son is taken from this earth before me, I have no reason to continue living. The pressure, stress and pain is not worth it. It is not that I care less about those I love, but I need to be free. Everything is just so heavy. If I could let go then I would be free. And if you love me you will understand. I needed to be free. I couldn’t go on anymore. I was not strong enough to keep dragging along the heaviness of everything. I had to be free and let go.

Listen to the song, you might better understand.

Th1rteen R3asons vs 13 Reasons

I read the book. I watched the Netflix series. I liked both.

At the beginning, I was focusing on how the Netflix series was so different than the book. But then I realized each has their own place. By the end, I could see why we need both in the world.

The book is my favorite. The duel narration was great. Everything happened in one night letting Clay process it as one big picture. Hannah’s narration was something I could relate to. She described my suffering perfectly. It is not just one thing, it is just many little things. Things that add up. Things that slowly take away from your soul. Things that as they add up make you feel empty and a shell of who you are. The book is helpful exposing mental illness in terms of it’s affects that are unseen. Anxiety and depression are not like a cold or a physical disability. It is hard to see how your words and actions can seem innocent at the time but have negative lasting effects. The butterfly effect or chaos theory is in play daily in our world.

The Netflix show is important because honestly today most people will watch something rather than pick up the book. The visuals in the show also allow people to see the feelings/reactions of the characters after hearing they are part of the problem not the solution. It also gives chance to expand upon the social issues in our schools that lead to suicides or school shootings. I think the timing of the show reflects that things are not better. Socially our society focuses not on each other but ourselves and what we are lacking in life (materialistic).

So that is what I think and why I am trying to eliminating my use of sarcasm in the preschool classroom. While my co-teachers my understand, the children will not and that is not ok if I want them to be caring and thoughtful about our classroom and the people in it.


I have poured a glass of wine. I should be in bed. But I’m not. My apartment has mold. My ex is moving to a different county but thinks this won’t affect custody. My son was threatened with a sharp kitchen knife by his stepbrother. The same stepbrother who stabbed his brother in the foot with a screwdriver.

Hannah Baker had 13 reasons that stole her soul. I have one reason to live. Without him I’m lost and if he leaves earth i’m going too. I will have no reason to stay.